Gifts That Do Good

Tired of getting your family members gifts that just pile up? Want to buy a gift that helps someone or something but don’t want to make an outright donation? Here are five ideas to get you started!

  1. The Ocean Cleanup develops technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Recently their system that I like to call the mega-skimmer has successfully started catching plastic, from huge pieces to microplastics! My brother, who claims he only cares about the oceans and not the environment, will be getting a sweatshirt from their teemill store to support continuing efforts!
  2. LifeStraw, and their 501 c3 Safe Water Fund, do a lot of good for the world. Using a reusable water bottle is great for the environment. Drinking filtered water is great for my taste buds. Buy your friends, relatives, and yourself a 22 oz bottle here. Not only do you get five years of safe drinking water, but LifeStraw products all come with a one purchase, one child, one year of clean drinking water! Bottle:
  3. Pajamas are great. Jammies made by women in India working to remain free from sex slavery is even better. I’m getting this anju robe for my mom:
  4. When you buy a hat from Love Your Melon, you are also buying a hat for a kid with cancer AND donating towards charities that work towards ending pediatric cancer.
  5. Over 400 babies were born today with HIV, and the same thing will happen tomorrow. Project (RED) has been working for years to eliminate the threat caused by HIV and AIDS. Shop from the wide range of products that support their cause here:

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